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Should we host our first clan together so everyone can meet each other? Would be hosted Saturday, the 16th!
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Welcome to IMC! You have joined one of the friendliest and family oriented Clans throughout Runescape! We also like to think we are a force to be reckoned with because of our loyalty to one another and the IMC clan.

Our forums are the most important place for you to visit regularly. Here you will find information on Events to be hosted, tournements to be had, a place to chit chat, message board, clan news, and a place for your thoughts and ideas for the clan. Register on our forums right away it is important, you can book mark the site so you can get here more easily. It is also recommended that you check the forums daily, some of us do this before we get on so we are aware of any changes that have taken place. Remember there is always the possibility of advancement within the clan if that is something you are interested in. We also suggest if your new to the Official forums that you find the Red Carpet thread and post an offical hello to everyone.

We are hosting Raidcall servers, which is like team speak but free. To get there just follow this link: http://www.raidcall.com/index.html If you don't have RaidCall, we suggest you at least try it, you do not have to have a mic, just listening will get you loads of information that will help you level, and give you a chance to get to know all the members, as this is our primary means of communication I am sure you will understand that without it our help to you at times will be limited.

The conduct of our members both on RaidCall and within the game is very important to us. Please do not use foul language. Remember that we have members of all races, all ages, etc.. Let’s be considerate and Ladies and Gents at all times... and do have fun as well!!

NEW MEMBERS be sure to register a new account, direct yourself to the forum page, and the application section is at the top!

Welcome to IMC we are happy to have you here!!!!!!!!!!

Clan Chat: IronManChat
Home world: 386
This message sent by: The IMC Council

RaidCall Server: Ironmanchat

Offical Old School Runescape Forum: http://services.runescape ... 21,142,65593633,bump

CML Page: http://crystalmathlabs.co ... stics&group=2194
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