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6th Jun 2015


I normally don't do this - but I felt it was needed.

Myself and Iron T a z were having what I thought was a casual conversation in the CC.

I'll summarize my point of view, and I'll post it as well just in case I'm delusional.

I brought up the fact that I don't like rune packs.. as water runes were expensive a while back.

(Here take a look, at one point they were 47 each: http://i.imgur.com/w7bkhL ... T.png)

I tell him that I used to make good money from drag's water rune drops.

He tells me he made money from when they skyrocketed.. good for him. I wasn't a dick about it.

I tell him to look at RS3's exchange history.. they were once 47 GP.

He tells me he doesn't care, so I tell him I don't care.

He threatens to kick me.

When I ask why, he tells me that he "feels" like I'm a dick and he never liked me.

I tell him I don't care. 

He kicks me.

He's allowed to tell me that he doesn't care and he's allowed to PM me to call me a dick but I can't tell him that I don't care about his insults? Lol? Who gave this power-hungry child rank?

By the end, I was angry and completely fed up with his bullshit.
In no way, shape or form should it be acceptable to to insult/disrespect someone else, and kick that person for giving the same disrespectful treatment back. This isn't how someone with these powers should act.

I am sorry for the language or any trouble I've caused.
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6th Jun 2015

good thing you posted this
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6th Jun 2015

Since he made it seem like i just kicked him for no reason i took some screen shots too
http://gyazo.com/2a101e50 ... f7249b43e75db54bcad3
http://gyazo.com/1ca55a91 ... 3e61bd7b7feb21a10b90
http://gyazo.com/9a2c21fd ... 141e53b81d617553acf9
http://gyazo.com/cfb1da05 ... fbd764f61ba6b3990db3

and i mean hes not even a ironman..
http://gyazo.com/cad90c04 ... afe29d253494dc21d664
taken straight from the official runescape forums

And i must say i've never kicked a single ironman from the CC only non ironmen.
Joined: 6th Jun 2015
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6th Jun 2015

You kinda filled in more gaps. Thank you.

I think you tried to justify it by saying it's okay to kick me because I'm not an ironman? Lol?
And then insinuated you're a good staff member because you only kick non-ironmen? Wat.

Sounds to me like you didn't have a reason to kick me and now you're looking for one..
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